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  2. The war of Gog and Magog is the major bible prophecy of our day. In other words I think that we will see the Magog invasion begin very soon. Magog was a man. He was one of Noah's grandsons. There are several places in the bible that talk about an invasion against Israel that are led by Magog. I.
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  4. 31.03.2019. Arabia gunvor olin-grönqvist astioita gog/hk fructus lautaset 2kpl 25e arabia gog/ar fructus iso sininen hedelmälautanen 33,5cm 50e arabia köökki siniset kaikki..

Gog and Magog in Closer Focus: Maliki Islam and Saudi Meddling November 21, 2013 November 21, 2013 by John Little - OmegaShock.com There are two elements of the discussion about Gog and Magog that have suddenly become clearer to me, bringing this prophecy into closer focus According to Bible prophecy, the gog-magog war is the next major war against Israel. It is essentially an Islamic invasion and is probably led by Russia. The invaders are defeated in the sight of Gentile nations by the God of Israel MY GRANDMOTHER STRONGLY THINKS THAT GOG MAGOG ARE THE CHINESSE !!!!! LMFAO ! well, we're in arabia and we dont get a lot of chinese people here she swears to allah that the chinese are gog magog she says they r short too many small eyed so they fit the hadith and most importantly they live in the Far East (where the sun raises).. she always refers to this Verse Yusufali 18:90] Until, when he. Arabia.All set for life. Loading.... Arabia is a pioneer of Finnish design and its designs express beauty, quality and practicality. Since 1873, Arabia has mirrored the times, with a commitment to strong, consumer-oriented design. Arabia's key competences consist of design and long-term brand development; the objective is to ensure that the brand has a strong position in tableware

Some scholars believe they can be found in verse 13 of Ezekiel 38. That verse says Sheba, Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions will say to Gog, 'Have you come to take a spoil,. to take great plunder? Sheba and Dedan mentioned in this verse are in Saudi Arabia but who are the merchants of Tarshish Katso 52 Arabia gog käsinmaalattu ilmoitusta parhaalla hinnalla. Halvimmat tarjoukset alkaen Eur 12. Tsekkaa ne Save arabia gog to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Items in search results ARABIA FINLAND GOG SIGNED GUNNER OLIN-GRONQVIST BISQUE FLORAL 5 3/4 VASE 1970' saudi peace plan opens door for possible gog magog war and russian invasion... see today's earlier important report... gog magog war. imminent?: https://yout..

Gog and Magog appear in the Hebrew Bible as individuals, peoples, or lands. In Ezekiel 38, Gog is an individual and Magog is his land; in Genesis 10 Magog is.. Arabia Like iittala, Arabia is owned by the most respected Finnish company Fiskars. Arabia has been making high quality objects for the home since 1873, though many may recognize the brand by its stunning por..

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Bible prophecy about the Gog and Magog War described in Ezekiel 38 and 39; a massive army will gather against Israel as Russia is drawn by God by a hook in the jaw with its allies Iran or Persia, and many other Muslim nations Very large mug designed by Gunvor Olin-Gronqvist for Arabia Finland. Typical Fajance sixties style. This one has stripes as decor, see all my listings for the same mug with circles as decor I believe in my own spirit, that we will not see the coming Gog-Magog coalition that has Russian, Iran and even Turkey and other European countries, such as Germany come to take Israel down for her resources and to finally rid what they consider, the sole ingredient in the Middle East for unrest and sending the whole world into a nuclear conflict Title. FISHFAT, ceramics, Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist, Arabia, 20th century. Description. Blue, green and brown. Tagged Arabia Finland Atelje GOG / PM. Length 60.5 cm

The Who's Who of Gog-Magog By Jack Kinsella According to the prophet Ezekiel, there will arise in the last days, a massive military and political alliance more-or-less formally known as the 'Gog-Magog Alliance.' Son o Find great deals on eBay for Arabia Kosmos in Arabia China and Dinnerware. Shop with confidence The War of Gog and Magog is the lynchpin event that sets the stage for all the events of the first three and one half years of Tribulation. We see this coalition forming RIGHT NOW! To say we are rapidly approaching this event is an understatement, and if we are, then there is no denying how close we are to Blessed Hope [Rapture] and the start. You searched for: arabia finland! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you're looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

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Psalms 83: A War Before the Gog-Magog War Saudi Arabia, also enlisted in Psalm 83, joins in for survival and economic, religious, and geo-political purposes 8 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم Assalamu Alaikum; This work serves as one half of our research into this subject and the questions we are trying to answer about Yajuj Wa Majuj, who are they in history, and consequently today? and where is the wall of Yajuj Wa Majuj that Dhul Qarnain built? hence it's length Mesec y Tubal: Arabia Saudita, Turquía, Siria e Irak. Gog: Muchos estudiosos han definido a Gog como la nación de Rusia, y algunos creen que se refiere al espíritu del anticristo, el cual se levantará en contra de

ARABIA SINGAPORE ASTIASTO. Arabia astiasto, harvinaisen upea kuntoinen! Kahvikannu, sokerikko kermakko, kakkuvati, 8 kpl kahvikupit, tassit, pullalautaset Abdul Qamar, the first Arabian Knight, was a descendant of a legendary Muslim hero who had perished forcing the demons Gog and Magog back into their tomb. When the demons were later freed by an archeologist, Abdul found his ancestor's magical equipment inside the tomb, and became the Arabian Knight, once again sealing away the demons with help from the Hulk arabia gog . Arabia, Köökki - Gunvor Olin-Grönqvist - suolakauha . LOHJA . Sulkeutuu 26.5. klo 14:30 Osta tai ehdota hintaa 32 €. Arabia seinälautaset. Tuotteet. Sivu 1 / 9 Tuotteita yhteensä 527 kpl Arabia 100-vuotis juhlalautanen, leima Arabia Finland 102, Raija Uosikkinen . Näytä tuote ». I do not believe that this man is the source of who Gog is in biblical prophecy. Rather, I believe it is the Gog of Gen. 10:2, the son of Japheth, as the names of some of the other sons of Japheth (Gomer, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras) are also mentioned in conjunction with the name Gog throughout the Scriptures

So while the Russian people of today are likely descended from Magog, there is no such biological connection for Gog to either Magog or any other ethnic group. There is an unrelated mention of a man named Gog, a grandson of Reuben, in 1 Chronicles 5:4 but there doesn't seem to be any connection between him and the land of Magog either. GATES TO HELL? Hundreds of ancient structures found on edge of VOLCANOES in Saudi Arabia STUNNED researchers have discovered 400 mysterious stone structures in Saudi Arabia which date back. Vintage Arabia Atelje, Finland, GOG/PM, Large Fish Platter 13 x 9-1/4 Very attractive platter in good condition with no chips, cracks or breaks. Some surface wear on platter top from use. Dark blue and brown fish pattern. Check out my other items ! Be sure to add me to your favorites list ! ____ ARABIA FINLAND KOOKKI Salt Gog Box By GUNVOR OLIN-GRONQVIST - $49.95. Up for sale is this Rare vintage Mid-Century Cobalt Blue Arabia Finland Kookki Salt Box By GUNVOR OLIN-GRONQVIST In 1960's Arabia introduced this beautifully designed pattern called 'Valencia' in stoneware with hand painted decoration underglaze in tones of midnight blue. This striking pattern was the masterpiece of it's designer, artist Ulla Procopé (1921-1968), who worked for Arabia from 1948 to 1968

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www.gog.org The GOG Foundation, Inc. (GOG Foundation) is an independent international non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting excellence in the quality and integrity of clinical and basic scientific research in the field of gynecologic malignancies, including cancers that arise from the ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina, and vulva Sain perinnöksi Arabian keraamisen lampun. Lampun pohjassa on teksti Arabia ja GOG joka on suunnittelijan Gunvor Olin-Grönqvistin tunnus. Lamppu on valk..

Arabia kukkamaljakot & ruukut. Tuotteet. Sivu 1 / 2 Tuotteita yhteensä 113 kpl Arabia atelje, kukkamaljakko, Hilkka-Liisa Ahola . Näytä tuote ». Arabia GOG seinälautasia 1955 1964 1981 (3 kpl) LOVIISA . Sulkeutuu 18h 29 min Osta heti 45 €.

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  1. In this article, I will detail yet another significant reason why Gog must be the Antichrist and why the Battle of Gog of Magog can only conclude at the return of Jesus. Among the many events that conclude the Battle of Gog and Magog, one major event is a great earthquake in the land of Israel
  2. Märkt Arabia Finland Atelje GOG/PM. Längd 60,5 cm. Vi använder cookies för att förbättra din upplevelse. Om du fortsätter använda webbplatsen samtycker du.
  3. Ezekiel Bible Prophecy and World War III Sheba (Saudi Arabia), Dedan (Kuwait), (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait will not join this invasion) the merchants of Tarshish (may be England), all their young lions (may be former colonies like Canada, Australia, and the US) will say to you, 'Have you come to take plunder
  4. VTG ARABIA FINLAND GOG/PR Cobalt Design Large Handled Stein Mug RARE - $33.25. Welcome to our company, The Bomb Shelter, one of the nation's largest stores of its kind selling vintage and antique items from all eras. eBay local pickup is available during business hours, please contact if you need this option
  5. 9334. Greta kuppipari 5 kpl : Greta-Lisa Söderholm korkeus 6 cm, halkaisija 13,5 cm - malli EP, 1950-luku - yksi hiushalkeama, kolme tumma
  6. The key identification comes from the book of Ezekiel where Gog was from north of Israel. There are several nations in the north and we need to have some approximate location to pinpoint the country of Gog and Magog today. Gog is the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal
  7. ARABIA RUSSIA IRAN TURKEY LYBIA ALGERIA SUDAN ETHIOPIA SUDAN CONFIRMING A OVENANT WITH THE MANY DEATH FOR 'PEACE & SECURITY' Although Israel is tiny, it is mighty but the covetous presumption of the Gog-Magog alliance will be their undoing. It is rather amazing that a natio

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ইয়াজুজ-মাজুজের আগমন। (কিয়ামতের বড় আলামত পর্ব-৪) The Story of Gog and Magog (Yajuj Majuj) by Islamic School 9:2 The sites of Shuwaymis and Jubbah are located in northwestern Saudi Arabia ().Jubbah is an oasis in the southern Nefud desert. Access to water and vegetation has supported human occupation in Jubbah throughout the Holocene (Guagnin et al., 2017b) and the presence of Middle Paleolithic sites attests to repeated occupation during the Late Pleistocene (Groucutt et al., 2017) The Gog and Magog War: Who Are Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, and Beth-Togarmah? Does Ezekiel 38-39 Refer to Turkey Only or Central Eurasia? Given that Russia is threatening Eastern Europe and more generally, NATO and the Western alliance of nations, it's once more time to challenge the popular theory that the Antichrist will arise from Turkey -- that it will b A set of four (4) lovely, modern dots 'n lines patterned dinner plates from Finland. This is the popular Kosmos pattern from Arabia, designed by Gunvor Olin Grönqkvist in the 1970s. This dinnerware series features several different circular patterns of brown/black dots and lines on an olive green background

The Uunikokki range includes oven trays in various sizes, a pie tray and serving dishes. The curved-edge trays can be used to prepare pies, casseroles, lasagne or soufflés. The versatile parts are also ideal for serving. Uunikokki is manufactured using Arabia's high quality vitro porcelain, which is suitable for use at high temperatures (max. In this article, we are going to discuss something about Yajuj Majuj (Gog and Magog) and some facts about them as mentioned in Quran. In the history of mankind, there were two deadly tribes who used to torture everyone leading to heights of cruelty

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Gog and Magog is after the Millennium (Dan 7:14; Rev 20:7-8) Mormon convert Glen Beck echoes the same Gog and Magog lies with Crocodile Tears tossed in for effect. Pat Robertson (700 Club refers to the Cathar prophesy The Laurel grows green again every 700 years) in Secret Kingdom, Gog is the Steppe people in Kasakhstan, Tajiistan. It is said that they are restricted behind a Gog and Magog wall. In this article, we have tried to identify Yajooj Majooj wall location. Yajuj Majuj (Gog and Magog) were not actually imprisoned by Zulqurnain A.S instead the wall which is mentioned in the Holy Quran was Gog and Magog wall which stopped them from invading the world GOG-MAGOG WAR SIGNALS THE REVEALING OF THE ANTI-CHRIST I believe in my own spirit, that we will not see the coming Gog-Magog coalition that has Russian, Iran and even Turkey and other European countries, such as Germany come to take Israel down for her resources and to finally rid what they consider, the sole ingredient in the Middle East for unrest and sending the

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  1. ate others, lust for power and prestige
  2. This auction is for an Arabia Finland Valencia Saltbox. The height is 6'' inches at the back, 3 1/2'' inches high at the lid, and 3'' inches deep by 5'' inches wide. The condition is excellent-no cracks, chips, or crazing. The bottom is marked Arabia Finland GOG/MR
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  4. Learn All About Arabia Family Name Origins & Meanings at MyHeritage™
  5. 「知らないよりも知っていた方がちょっといいな」をテーマに日常の小さなワンシーンに彩を与え、ライフスタイルが鮮やかにして欲しいという思いで発信している総合型エンタメメディアになります

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The fake battle of Gog and Magog Will come through Ukraine to Crimea to Damascus (Is 17:1) to Jerusalem. The actual battle of Gog and Magog is at the end of the Millennial Reign of JESUS and Russia has nothing to do with it About GOG.com: GOG.com is a DRM-free games and movies distribution service that is part of the CD Projekt Group. GOG is also a sister company to CD Projekt Red, developers of the Witcher series and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. If you are a GOG employee, please contact the mods to get verified before posting The Battle of Gog There is a prophesied end-times war in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel that will once again unleash God's divine power to utterly destroy an enemy that comes against Israel. Ezekiel says God will turn this enemy about and put a thought in his head to come out of the north to attack

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  1. What is the war of Gog and Magog as revealed in the bible? Who is the mysterious 'Gog of the land of Magog, the prince who rules over the nations of Meshech and Tubal'? The Book of Ezekiel, taken with clues from other books in the bible, provides us with great insight into this end times figure and the coalition of nations surrounding him
  2. Along with these Muslims nations, a northern kingdom, called Gog and Magog, which many identify as the land Russia, will ally itself with Muslim nations, to oppose Israel in the last days. Only Nato led by the US control Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Qutar, Lybia, The Muslim Brotherhood and the current rebels in Syria
  3. more details on Rosh, Meshech, Tubal, and Put Rosh. Some versions of the Bible translate the Hebrew word rosh in (Ezekiel 38:22) as a noun, referring to a place in Russia. The least credible support for this view is that Rosh sounds like the modern-day name Russia and Meshech sounds like Moscow
  4. Gog and Magog identified: Turkey, NOT Russia!--by James Arendt. I used to believe that Gog and Magog which invades Israel as depicted in Ezekiel chapter 38 is Russia. This is a popular belief taught by famous evangelists and Bible teachers such as Chuck Missler
  5. This amazing Fish-Shaped plate platter from Arabia of Finland is a great example of Scandinavian Mid-Century design and colors. Highly collectible, this fish-shaped plate is hand painted and so each one is unique. This particular plate has been designed and painted by highly regarded GUNVOR OLIN GRONQUIST. He signed this plate Arabia GOG/V
  6. 2014 Christian Retailing's Best award finalist!All eyes are on the Middle East. Israel has successfully launched a first strike on Iran, taking out all of their nuclear sites and six of their nuclear warheads—and causing The Twelfth Imam to order a full-scale retaliation
  7. The Nations Of Gog - Yajuj [The descendants of the three sons of Nuh, and the lands they migrated to.] Looking on this map carefully you will find the location of every nation mentioned in the verses of the bible addressed by the same titles, through which Allah addresses Gog directly

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  1. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Arabia Finland GOG Gunner Olin Gronovist White Matte Bisque Embossed Floral Vase at the best online prices at eBay
  2. The first is Gog and Magog, the modern Russian federation. Gog and Magog's participation in the invasion force, according to Ezekiel, comes as a result of God's promise to, turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee fort
  3. Gog & Magog, are they of Cain's race or of the Canaanites' race? Cain's race and the Canaanites resemble in spelling, however, the race could be related. If Cain's race is the Canaanites, how this race survives the flood of Noah
  4. The tribes of Gog and Magog are referred to in a couple of places in the Qur'an. In one place, God makes it clear that these tribes existed during the time of Dhul-Qarnain: Then he (Dhul.

p2alm 02.17.2013 • 12.15 PM yeah. many are looking to Turkey to lead the coming Islamic Caliphate, but some are also looking to Egypt, hence the king of the north (Turkey) and the king of the south (Egypt) will again be at war with one another per Daniel 11 The Gog and Magog War is a critical step in the divine plan of restoring all of Israel to the Promised Land, as well as the developments during the Tribulation, Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ. Every day it seems like the stage is being set for the events of the Gog and Magog War. For Example Saudi Arabia's Council of Ministers took a decision on November 9, 2015 to restructure the Grain Silos and Flour Mills Organization (GSFMO) under a new name, the General Organization for Grains (GOG) *GOG: Para muchos Gog es Rusia, aunque para muchos estudiosos judíos es el Espíritu Anti-judio (Amalec), que será un príncipe que se levantara contra los judíos y podría ser de Irak, Irán, Afganistán, Turquía o Arabia Saudita The very first Quranic reference to gog and magog thus declares them to be essentially agents of oppression and corruption. Prophet Muhammad PBUH explained that Gog was a community of human beings who had descended from the first man, Adam. similar was the case with magog

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Gog. I believe that Gog is a supernatural being (showing up in the battle of Ezekiel 38 and the final battle at the end of the Millennium) perhaps Satan's counter part to Michael the Arkangel. There is an obscure reference in the Septuagint translation of the Book of Amos in 7:1 to a Gog, King of the Locusts, for what that's worth. You won't. Fishplate, sign. Arabia Finland Atelje GOG/PM - Ingelmark Antik & Design A

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And he was saying: There is no god but Allah; there is a destruction in store for Arabia because of the turmoil which is near at hand as the barrier of Gog and Magog has been opened like it, and he (in order to explain it) made a ring with the help of his thumb and forefinger Arabia Tea For Two Pot With Infuser And Two Cups And 2 Saucers Arabia Gog Finland. 9ct Gold - $225.00. 9ct Gold And Silver Set Peridot Shih Tzu Gog Brooch 日本正規品 Arabia アラビア Arabia アンティーク vintage アトリエシリーズ 通販 GOG 《ビンテージ 小 アラビア キッチンブランチ オーナメント ヴィンテージ》 イースターエッグ Atelj

Prophetic Significance of the War of Gog and Magog Analysis: Russia-Iran-Turkey meeting is message to US Nov. 19, 2017 - Turkish, Russian and Iranian diplomats will meet today in Antalya and again in Sochi on November 22. The apparent purpose of these meetings is for Russia to illustrate its influence in the region The Truth about Gog and Magog, the Bible atlas Or find it on YouTube As you take the time to watch any of the videos you'll see Mr. Richardson make the point that Russia is not the likely leader of the invading forces of Ezekiel's prophecy More than 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel warned of a future time when a vast coalition of nations will attack Israel. The leader of this coalition is a man known as Gog, the ruler of Magog (Ezekiel 38:1). This is why the invading force is known as the Gog of Magog coalition

Question: I have heard that Gog and Magog have something to do with prophecy concerning the nation of Israel?Why do they attack Israel? Answer: Due to the many questions about Russia's place in prophecy and the interest shown, we will cover this topic with a series, as found in Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39 THE WARS of GOG and MAGOG by Alexander Zephyr. Part One. In Criticism of the Great Scholar and Esteemed Ally of Brit-Am, Steven Collins. One of the best experts on the Jewish-Israelite movement, and particularly on the Gog and Magog wars of the prophet Ezekiel 38 and 39 is the Christian theologian, Biblical Scholar, and esteemed author Steven M. Collins 1) What he prophesied, then, is an end-time battle involving the following nations coming against Israel: Turkey (Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, Togarmah); Iran (Persia), Sudan and Arabia (Kush), and Libya (Put). 2) Gog is not called king, but head prince, that means, one that leads a coalition of states not being the actual ruler of each of. The Battle of Armageddon will actually begin before Jesus returns, but Jesus will strike the victorious blow that will terminate the MAN OF SIN and his accomplices, and set the stage for the 1000-year Kingdom of Christ. We are witnessing at this very moment, the staging of the Battle of Armageddon

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Prophetic Significance of the War of Gog and Magog Gog, Magog, Russia, Syria and the Biblical End Times Apr. 22, 2018 - Best-selling author Joel Rosenberg, whose latest offering is The Kremlin Conspiracy, says Gog and Magog are closely connected names. 'GogMagog', Gog the son of Gog - was the name of the giant whom 'Brute the Trojan' is said to have defeated in Totnes in Devonshire in his invasion of Britain at the close of the second millennium. But from where did Gog mac Gog originate

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Sheba and Dedan - Saudi Arabia and Gulf States, ancient names for Arabian Peninsula Tarshish and Young Lions - Western Nations. Farthest Western trading partner with Israel during Ezekiel's time. Europe and America. It is a diplomatic protest only. Due to suddenness and speed of invasion It appears that the gog and magog War Ezekiel 39:4 says they shall fall uppon the mountains of Israel and fall upon the open feilds. vs.12 Israel will not be fleing to far considering they will be left to bury the dead, and vs.14 which they will have to hire help. vs.12It appears they will have a long haul burying the stinking bodies which they. (1954) A security agent investigating possible sabotage at a secret undeground research facility discovers that a chain of murders has occurred, apparently engineered via the supercomputer NOVAC which coordinates base operations and its robot minions, GOG and MAGOG

The 1,260 days is equivalent to 42 months (of 30 days each), or 3½ years—the final span of the 70th Week. This accounts for 1,260 of the 1,290 days in the first part of the prophecy given to Daniel (Daniel 12:11). The 1,260 days will be the final span of the 70th Week which, I believe, will end when Jesus returns to earth on Yom Kippur The Lord God destroys Gog and his armies on the mountains of Israel (Ezekiel 38 and 39). The question is, who is Gog and where is his land of Magog? Traditional Dispensationalists teach Gog is the same as the King of the North, that is, Russia. However, some believe Gog is the Antichrist and Magog is his kingdom Much has been written in speculation about the names Gog and Magog.Unhappily, recently a good deal of it has been misleading. Indeed, perhaps the greatest mystery of Gog and Magog is how Revelation Chapter 20 got downgraded to 'incidental' - at best - or 'apostate' at worst The Gog-Magog Battle - Ezekiel 38:7-17 old names for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. the reader but Gog himself exactly what God is going to do to.