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Find Deals on Spicy Sea Salt in Seasonings on Amazon 9966: Sea Salt Gourmet innehåller fem smaksatta havssalter: Sea Salt Forest - Provence - Barbeque - Truffels - Lemon. Alla kryddor i detta paket är fria från gluten, glutamat och e-ämnen Spicy Dream - Fältspatsgatan 5, 42130 Västra Frölunda, Västra Götalands Län, Sweden - Rated 4.7 based on 21 Reviews Bra grejer. 9966 Sea Salt Gourmet. 100. Med Spicy Dream tjänar ni enkelt och tryggt pengar till era mål. Våra lättsålda produkter är mycket uppskattade. Använd kalkylatorn för att se hur många paket ni behöver sälja för att nå just ert mål när ni ska sälja kryddor för att tjäna pengar till laget och klassen Habanero Sea Salt: A spice-lover's dream come true. This fusion of habanero and salt is perfect for spicing up any meal. Use it often but sparingly to create unforgettable entrees. Jalapeno Sea Salt: A fantastic mixture of jalapeno and sea salt that is not too spicy. It will add just enough flavor to make authentic Mexican cuisine without.

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INFUSED SALT SAMPLER: Smoked Bacon Chipotle, Hawaiian Bamboo Jade, 5 Pepper, Garlic Medley, Rosemary, and Hawaiian Black Lava sea salts make this a foodie's dream set. These salts can be used for cooking or finishing - add drama to your plates with the Hawaiian salts, add flavor with the 5 Pepper and Rosemary, add ric Ingredients: Sea salt and curry powder. Basic Preparation: Ready to use as is, no preparation is necessary. Recommended Applications: Use this intense salt as a finishing spice, as a substitute for table salt, or use it to add a spicy kick to egg dishes, soups, chicken, pasta, vegetables, or even tofu

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  1. FOUR jars of gourmet sea salt blends. 3 spicy 1 sweet. Jalape Fiesta: A festive mix of sea salt, jalape powder and garlic. Spice up any dish and enjoy! Hot Habanero: Our spiciest sea salt blend. Amazing on rice, pizza, pasta or mix with olive oil! Fiery Peppercorn: A classic marriage of sea salt and pepper. Salt and pepper just became gourmet..
  2. Gourmet Jalapeno Sea Salt - Pure Sea Salt Blended with Jalapeno Pepper - All-Natural, Kosher, No Gluten, No MSG, Non-GMO - Cooking & Finishing Salt, Great for Mexican Dishes - 4 oz. Stackable Ja
  3. Taste Tubes. Variety really is the spice of life, and that spirit runs through this lively assortment of spiced sea salts. It includes salts infused with habanero peppers, smoke chipotle, sriracha, jalapeño, chorizo spices, and a hot Hawaiian fire walker mix
  4. Nobody does seasoning like Dean & DeLuca. Shop a huge variety of gourmet salts, spices, herbs & seasonings. Along with grinders, spice racks and more
  5. Whitney Matthews is the chef & owner of the SpiceSea Gourmet Food Truck in Charlottesville, Va. Whitney has been in the culinary arts industry since 2007 and has worked in various sectors of the industry until she opened her own business in September 2012

We are the salt of the Earth. From our luxurious bath and spa salts to our worldly gourmet sea salts, we strive to keep you impressed. Our philosophy takes root in harnessing natural mineral salts to increase your well-being from the inside out. Our core mission is to increase our customer's understanding of the wondrous benefits of salt Follow us on social media for special offers available only to our loyal fan base Our crispy and delicious gourmet pickles are a horseradish lovers dream. They may have a unique name and flavor but Dicks Perky Pickles are the perfect compliment to any meal. Blended with horseradish the zesty gourmet pickle will leave you only wanting more (no need to worry about that either, we have a gallon size!) Amazing Gift Ideas Our salt sets make thoughtful gifts for yourself or a pal, so don't forget our collections for casual get-togethers, birthdays and holidays! * FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49! You'll enjoy the hint of jalapeño spice and the tangy tart Fusion® Lemon Twist Sea Salt rim on this sweet and spicy margarita recipe. Gourmet Salt by the Jar.

This highly recommended source for gourmet salts has an astounding assortment of gourmet salts (over 130!): wonderful sea salts like Hawaiian Red Alaea, Lake Grassmere Sea Salt from New Zealand, Cyprus Black Lava Finishing Sea Salt, Qab-nab Taab Sea Salt from El Salvador; smoked salts like Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt from Kentucky, Hawaiian Tiki Smoked Guava Wood Sea Salt, Viking Oak Smoked Sea. Each flavor in this Fusion set begins with a natural sea salt base and then is infused with natural ingredients to create extraordinary flavored salts in some of our bestselling varieties. Limited Edition Fusion® Salt Sampler - Heat: Give the heat-seekers in your life the spicy, savory Limited Edition Fusion® Heat gift set. Turn up the heat.

Spicy food lovers, your ultimate sea salt collection has arrived. If you love cooking spicy foods, or you know someone who does, Caravel Gourmet's sea salts give you a quick and easy way to give your foods that wonderful heat and flavor you crave Natural sea salt, habanero spices, garlic, red pepper, contains 2% or less of oleoresin paprika, natural flavors, and canola oil. Spicy Garlic Sea Salt Sweet and Spicy Pasta Sala Gourmet Salts. Gourmet salts can make all the difference in your dish. French Sea Salt by Sel Magique is Fleur de Sel from Guérande, France. Rare gourmet salt blends that make your recipes spectacular, and make excellent gifts for those foodie friends and family Spicy Garlic Pepper - A spicy blend of habanero, garlic and red peppers; this salt is great on steak, tacos, beef, pork, chicken or vegetables. Habanero - This blend of natural sea salt and crushed habanero pepper is wonderful for anyone who wants to heat up their dish! Great on anything you would like to add an extra kick McCormick Gourmet, All Natural, Mediterranean Spiced Sea Salt, 2.5 oz (70 g) (Discontinued Item) By McCormick Gourmet. Natural sea salt with Mediterranean spices.

Sassy Sea Salt Blend Item # 408 Sassy Sea Salt Blend (3.6 oz. Package) A sassy blend of Coarse Sea Salt, garlic, onion, jalapeno and lemon peel for a feisty mingling of savory flavors that will excite your palate. Use on everything from baked potatoes to eggs. A personal favorite for seasoning water for boiling pasta or potatoes. $8.0 Salty Wahine makes eating healthy fun! Kauai Made Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salts are a perfect gift for any home chef. Infused with tropical flavors, our gourmet salts have color and flavor unlike anything you have experienced Golden Door 3-pack of Gourmet Salts Give any meal an artisan flair with these salts ranging from smoky, to spicy, to sweet. Spruce up breakfast or spice up the flavor of your favorite steak. From dinner to dessert, your tastebuds will be delighted. What You Get. 2 oz. Essential Smoked Fennel Salt 2 oz. Essential Spicy Serrano Salt

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- Salt Peppercorn - Sea Salts at Pepper Creek Farms. Gourmet Beans; Grilling, Brining & All-Purpose Himalayan Pink Sea Salt in Stout Jar chili powder, sea salt, pecan halves, whole almonds, cashews and 5 more Buffalo Spiced Cocktail Nuts All Day I Dream About Food hot sauce, nuts, melted butter, garlic powder, salt, onion powder and 1 mor Explore gourmet salts like Fleur de Sel, Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, smoked salts and more. Enhance your cooking with the highest quality gourmet salts from Savory Spice

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  4. Hot Steve is a seriously spicy chile salt. Great for margaritas or Bloody Marys, soups and chili, Mexican fare, or anything else when you want to spice things up. Temperatures are sure to rise when Hot Steve's on or in your dish. Beautiful Briny Sea is an artisan dry-goods company located in Atlanta's historic Grant Park
  5. Like sea salt, peppercorns were highly valued for their dramatic flavor and often used in place of money. CLASSIC PEPPERCORNS OF THE WORLD SAMPLER: Long considered the Spice of Kings, the peppercorn has held a powerful role in history, influencing trade with Rome, ancient Egypt, India, Malaysia and China
  6. The Spice Lab Introduces Hot and Spicy Sea Salts Published October 24, 2014 One of the hottest condiments on the market right now is Sriracha hot chili sauce, and the team at The Spice Lab has developed an innovative new take on the product - Sriracha Sea Salt
  7. Recipe for Spicy Eggplant features Hawaii Kai Black Sea Salt, black bean paste , ground pork and eggplants

Filled with grilled vegetables, avocado and covered with crispy shrimps and spicy roca sauce. Sunset Roll 9pcs Vegetarian roll half covered with avocado, filled with hearts of palm, flavored cream cheese (optional), pickled cucumber, stir-fried red peppers and carrot yellow curry emulsion Black Truffle Sea Salt. $ 22.00. This salt is a unique combination of real Italian black truffles and Trapani sea salt that'll add a decadent earthy finish to any of your favorite dishes

Spicy Green Gourmet, local business in Durham. Sea salt potato chips. Substitute. pepper jack cheese, spicy black bean spread, pickled onions, mixed greens. Culinary salts come in two basic categories - sea salt and mined salt. All salt originates in sea water, but sea salt is evaporated from liquid ocean water, while mined salt is taken from ancient deposits left by long-dry seas. In recent years gourmet salts have grown immensly in popularity, leading to a confusion about the different types TABASCO Spiced Spicy Sea Salt 5oz Canister item 5 Gourmet Fresh Sriracha Salt 5 Oz Pouch Fire Up Your Taste Buds Spicy Sea Salt - Gourmet Fresh Sriracha Salt 5 Oz. Leosons Gourmet is a division of Leosons International. Leosons International is a 34 year old company that has been engaged in trade between the United States and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area. For over 30 years, Leosons has been supplying FMCG, Pharmaceutical, and Food Stuff to the MENA Region

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You can bite into our deli style sandwiches confidently knowing that we use no additives, preservatives and give a big NO to GMO! This bread is made with unbleached, untreated, enriched wheat flour, water, sea salt, yeast and malted barley - 5 simple ingredients that add up to one delicious loaf of bread A fusion of complex, rich red wine and sea salt. This gourmet salt is a flawless addition to any recipe. Made with real merlot wine, this is the perfect addition to your favorite cut of beef or red wine-based sauce We take dried jalapenos and mix them with fine sea salt to get this smooth mild heat blend that won't burn your taste buds. When you want to add kick to your food, grab this blend and sprinkle away. It goes well on meats and vegetables as well as sauces and soups. Really it goes on anything you can dream of. Even chocolate I used McCormick Gourmet Chinese Five Spice and Ground Cayenne when creating this almond recipe. Sweet and Spicy Chinese Five Spice Roasted Almonds. 2 cups raw almonds 2 teaspoons olive oil 1 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice 3/4 teaspoon fine grain sea salt 1/4 teaspoon ground cayenne 3/4 teaspoon sugar (or 1/2 packet stevia) Preheat oven to 350. Spicy Sea Salt Set. A Three Pack of Gourmet Sea Salts $ 19.00 $ 24.00. Sale. Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt from $ 7.99. Black Lava Sea Salt from $ 7.99

Why You Should Use Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt Instead of Regular Table Posted by Melissa Batai on July 18, 2014 ( 0 Comments ) Miranda recently wrote about the 5 spices you could use in place of salt , but that doesn't mean you need to remove salt from your kitchen cabinet Pompano Beach, FL --Showcasing its extensive line of sea salts, spices, seasonings, and gourmet gifts, The Spice Lab is sampling some of its best-selling Gourmet Salts and new line of Olive Oil Dipping Herbs at the Summer Fancy Food Show. The company's free standing Himalayan Salt and Bacon Rub displays also will be featured in Booth #2757 Spicy tuna, cucumber, fresh salmon, avocado and chili oil on top. Lexy Sexy Roll $13.95 Assorted fresh fish, wrapped with cucumber (no rice) sea salt, lemon with chef special touch

Slow motion - Close up of gourmet chef or cook seasoning fresh chunk of deli piece of beef with sea salt and grounded spicy peppers. Slow motion - Close up of gourmet chef or cook seasoning fresh chunk of deli piece of salmon fish with sea salt and grounded spicy peppers Shop Spicy Caribbee's online store for the best quality and best selection in Caribbean condiments, spices, hot and spicy sauces, tropical jams, Puerto Rican coffees, and local handicrafts Salt means good wealth. It is also important to sprinkle salt in your dream, as it portends good material condition. In the Persian tradition, salt dreams mean that you will have to fight with someone soon. The Western tradition applies a totally different meaning to this dream. For this tradition, dreaming of salt indicates that you will.

Peppers on Salt - fiery infused spicy seasoning blends. hand crafted gourmet seasoning blends. Home; Shop; Jalapeno Chili & Garlic Infused Fine Sea Salt Home / Black Sea Salt / The Spice Lab No. 227 - Hawaiian Fire Walker Spicy Black Lava Salt - Gluten-Free Non-GMO All Natural Premium Gourmet Salt Inspired appetizers start with hard-boiled eggs and finish with a creative twist. Spicy Hungarian paprika and horseradish shine against sweet tomato flavor and sea salt for a familiar flavor profile - a Bloody Mary! Garnish with celery leaves and get to brunching

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  1. When the beans are cooked, season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. I used about 2 teaspoons of McCormick® Gourmet Collection Sicilian Sea Salt. Don't forget the corn bread! Smoky Spiced Black-Eyed Peas with Bacon. 1 pound black-eyed peas, picked over 1/2 pound thick-cut bacon, chopped into small piece
  2. Spicy Curry Dead Sea Salt Curry powder is a mix of spices. We searched for the best blend of these spices to combine with sea salt to create this unique Sea Salt. Japanese spicy curry has a deeper, more complex essence than some of its counterparts. The fragrance is heavenly and the flavor superb
  3. Poppin Creations Gourmet Popcorn will be at this event supporting Mrs. Deb! She has done so much for the community it is time for the community to help her out. She lost everything she had including her 6 pets in a house fire
  4. -crusted Chilean Sea Bass, Chilean Sea Bass garlic, sea salt, chilean sea bass and 9.
  5. Dean Jacobs Spice Grinders - Peppercorn and Sea Salt Grinders, Bread dipping seasoning grinder gourmet foods and kitchen gadgets online or in our retail shop.
  6. From dry spices like cinnamon and saffron powder, Gourmet Food Store has a colorful and flavorful selection of gourmet condiments and spices to season your dishes. Colorful peppercorns, the world's best sea salt and the famous Maldon salt from England. Spicy whole grain mustards and intense olive spreads and tapenades are just part of our pantry
  7. sweet & spicy lemon. Marinate seafood and poultry. Toss with pasta and stir-fries. Glaze roasted root vegetables. Drizzle on green beans, brassicas and asparagus. Ingredients: Water, lemon juice, sugar, onion powder, xanthan gum, sea salt, black pepper, ascorbic acid, turmeric, lemon flavour, rosemary oil

Simply Savory is Florida's premier dip mix company. We offer delicious gourmet dip mixes including mixes for savory dips, spicy dips, cream cheese spreads, dessert mixes, olive oil dipping spices, and meat rubs Sea Salt Caramel. The Sea Salt is popped with coconut oil and fine sea salt and then sprinkled with larger course sea salt crystals as it cools. Caramel Cashew. Made from scratch buttery caramel with glazed pecans. Caramel Peanut. Made from scratch golden buttery caramel with peanuts. Caramel Pecan. Made from scratch golden buttery caramel with.

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  1. Sea salt pretzels, wind and willow cheeseball mix, stonewall kitchen crackers, roasted garlic onion jam, and peach whisky sauce. Gourmet Premo $65.00 Wind & Willow cheeseball mix, hot dip mix, seasoned sea salt pretzels, tea, chocolate snack pack, and chocolate sea salt ice cream sauce
  2. Extremely smooth blend of garlic , extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & herbs served with whole wheat pita bread. Bavarian Soft Pretzels - 10 w/ homemade cheese sauce & spicy honey mustard. Seafood Jumbo Shrimp (sauteed or fried) Half dozen - 12 Dozen - 24. Oysters Served with cocktail sauce, lemon, and red wine vinegar. Half dozen - 14.
  3. At Spice Islands, we search the world to bring you the most flavorful spices, herbs, extracts and seasoning blends
  4. Cheap Spices, Seasonings & Extracts for sale Pink Crystal Himalayan Sea Salt 84 Minerals FDA Kosher Gourmet Bulk Pure Organic. ( most spicy ) chili..
  5. Serrano chiles are one of the most widely recognized chile peppers. Due to being sold young and green in supermarkets many home cooks have made the serrano a regular staple for chilies, sauces, pico de gallo, and for straight-up pickling
  6. Find the best ideas for men, women and kids at UncommonGoods. We carry thousands of unique and unusual gifts, from fun jewelry and cool accessories to creative home decor and kitchen items
  7. Spicy Curry Sea Salt: Curry powder is a mix of spices. Japanese spicy curry has a deeper more complex essence than some of its counterparts. The fragrance is heavenly and the flavor superb. Try with scrambled eggs, chicken, pasta, tofu...the possibilities abound. Gourmet Sea salts, all natural flavors. 100% natural

This salt is an amazing combination of Alder Wood Smoked Sea Salt, Organic Maple Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt, and a scrumptious blend of herbs and spices with a kick of heat just perfect for your BBQ. Sprinkle it on chicken, fish, pork and ribs of any kind If you're looking for a tasty, healthy and satisfying snack for work, school or play ~ check out our Emerald Cove® Spicy Nori Snack packets made with our #organic nori. A Available in 12 individual packets with 4 Spicy Nori Snack strips in each pack. Toss them in your lunch tote, bag or purse McCormick Gourmet™ Mediterranean Spiced Sea Salt Natural sea salt infused with Mediterranean spices, including garlic, basil, oregano, red bell pepper and a hint of red pepper heat. Sprinkle on salads, pasta, fish, chicken and meat

SWEET-N-SPICY PECANS: Enjoy a classic taste of the south that is sweet, nicely hot and simply addictive. Try our special recipe of Hot Spicy Pecans. They are dry roasted to perfection in an ideal blend of stoned ground red pepper, sea salt, and sugar that will grab your attention with an initial sweet sensation and a second zing of bold hot flavor Spicy Superseedz, above, are flavored with a savory mix, as are Curry Superseedz, but there are Cinnamon Superseedz for those who like things a bit sweet. And for the traditionalists, Sea Salt, the original pumpkin seed, is the best seller. All photography by Naheed Choudhry The first thing you taste is the bright tanginess of kimchi lingering in your mouth and the crunchy texture of cabbage dictating your pallet. You will taste salty, sweet, and spicy kicking in at last. This kimchi is everyday kimchi and pairs well with any type of meals you put on the table Thanks for picking up Sea Salt SuperSeedz. It's a fan favorite. So simple, right? A pumpkin seed and all natural sea salt. But believe it or not, it took me years to perfect the crunch and to get juuust the right amount of sea salt. SuperSeedz fans have spoken. It's pretty much the best thing since.

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Bright, herbal and fresh, this versatile sea salt is a zesty way to elevate any dish. Try it sprinkled into olive oil as an accompaniment to crusty baguette. 60 grams Sea Salt Superstore is the world leader in all natural sea salts, smoked salts, Himalayan and proprietary infused salts. We offer very competitive pricing, vast selection and world class customer service for wholesale, bulk, private label and food manufacturing customers A combination of the best blend of curry spices and sea salt creat this unique flavor. The fragrance is heavenly and the flavor is superb. Try with Indian and Thai dishes - amazing with coconut milk and chicken Cod with Maldon Sea Salt Warming, spicy, flavorful soup for fall and winter. Juice Of One Lemon Recipe Using Honey Fritters Sea Salt Gourmet Recipes.

Buy Redmond Real Salt - Ancient Fine Sea Salt, Unrefined Mineral Salt, 26 Ounce Pouch: Shop top Grocery & Gourmet Food & brands at Fooden.us FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchase This Morton Season-All Salt has just the right touch of heat and savory herbs and spices. It contains no MSG and is kosher. Use th... is spicy seasoned salt to add a kick of flavor to your favorite meals.Morton Season-All Spicy Seasoned Salt, 7.25 oz: read mor Dean Jacobs Home/Chef Adjustable Grinder - Spicy Garlic (7.4 oz) - T his is every garlic lover's dream. Now you can add fresh ground garlic flavor and aroma with no fuss and muss - just twist the top. Sea salt and chilies are added to round out the flavor and give it a boost. Use it on meats, vegetables, in chili, soups and stews

It all began in 2005 when we decided to venture in a small project to cater to the high end gourmet food segment and to do so, we began in Dubai Porcini Sea Salt 3/4 cup sea salt 1 ounce dried Porcini mushrooms Grind the Porcini mushrooms to as fine a powder as you can in a mini food processor. Add salt and whiz a few times until they are well combined. Transfer to a jar with a lid. when to use it: In recipes in place of the called for salt, or as a finishing salt. Great emphasis in.

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Proudly made in USA, Gourmet Spicy Noodle Soup represents the perfect healthy collation, convenient for a quick meal on the go or a mid-afternoon hearty snack, ready in 3-4 minutes. Nongshim Shin Cup Noodle Soup Gourmet Spicy 2.64 Ounce Cups are available in a pack of 12 This is a taste test/review of Superseedz Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds in four varieties including Sea Salt, Somewhat Spicy, Coco Joe and Cinnamon & Sugar. They were $4.49 each at Kroger. They are peanut. View Gourmet Garden(Mandarin Danvers) menu, Order Chinese food Delivery Online from Gourmet Garden(Mandarin Danvers), Best Chinese Delivery in Danvers, M NomNom Delights Sea Salt Chocolate Caramels. These handmade gourmet caramels are soft and chewy with a delectable buttery flavor. Makes a great gift idea for your favorite sweet tooth! Includes 24 individually wrapped NomNom Delights caramels per gift box. Bean Box World Coffee Tour Gourmet Sample


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Buy Redmond Real Sea Salt - Natural Unrefined Organic Gluten Free Fine, 10 Ounce Shaker: Shop top Grocery & Gourmet Food & brands at Fooden.us FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchase Spicy and Delicious! Use on fried or scrambled eggs, sprinkle over grilled chicken, use in a peanut sauce for asian stir-fry. Spicy Sriracha Gourmet Sea Salt. $6. Slow motion - Close up of gourmet chef or cook seasoning fresh chunk of deli piece of beef with sea salt and grounded spicy peppers. Close up of gourmet chef or cook seasoning fresh chunk of deli piece of beef with sea salt and grounded spicy peppers Swedish Dream Sea Salt Hand Crème gives you the captain's treatment. Its unique formula is meant to last and hydrate, whether you are braving the waters or the workday. Natural ingredients like sunflower, lavender, calendula, and olives blends with a rich 20% natural shea butter base to keep your skin soft and dewy

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Premium dark chocolate by Luxocolat, sprinkled with sea salt, black pepper and crunchy cocoa nibs. Spicy, salty and bittersweet. LaTienda offers the best of Spain shipped direct to your home - fine foods, wine, ceramics and more A member of the capsicum family, the jalapeño is pretty much the perfect amount of heat for those that like a little kick, but don't want to challenge their taste buds to a duel. Bespoke Jalapeno Sea Salt is terrific in Tex-Mex dishes, Thai recipes, Spanish foods, and much more Fresh cut sweet potatoes tossed in buttermilk and a egg, tossed around with cayenne, sea salt and pepper, then coated in flour, sprinkled with more salt and pepper, then spread out on an aluminum foil covered pan and sprayed down with a little oil. Baked 425 until crispy. Wa-La. Crunchy decadent, spicy sweet potato fries Chef's Dream Gourmet Sampler Kit. This is a sampling of every single salt we offer... Perfect for the Chef in your house! We have beautifully packaged 21 samples (our entire collection) of our herb-infused and all-natural sea salts and smoked sea salts

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For example, you can add parmesan cheese, and do ½ balsamic vinegar ½ olive oil or do a sweeter version with cinnamon. But I prefer my sweet potatoes a bit more savory. And a litte bit spicy. If you are not a fan of spicy, just eliminate the hot sauce. Ingredients: 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut in 1-inch chunk And with only two ingredients, to boot. Our wasabi salt contains a mingling of California sea salt and horseradish, balanced just right to bring out the flavor without being overpowering. Like all of our Gustus Vitae gourmet seasonings, our Wasabi Sea Salt is all-natural, non-GMO certified and handcrafted in small batches in California

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Sriracha and Himalayan Pink Salt . Dean Jacob's Sriracha and Himalayan Pink Salt 13.5 oz. 8½ Chef Size Jumbo Grinder Mill Built-in adjustable grinder from fine to coarse For those of us that love the signature flavor of chipotle peppers, Victoria Taylor's Chipotle Pepper Flakes are a dream come true. Chipotles are smoked jalapenos, with a heat ranking of 7 out of 10. Imagine the flavor impact of smoky chipotle peppers in your favorite spicy dishes. Add to chili, pizza, Mexican dishes, soups, marinades or dips

Henry's Humdingers Gourmet Infused Honeys 3-pack with Cook Booklet Take any dish to a whole new level with this sweet and savory variety of infused honeys. Glaze meats, drizzle on vegetables, use as dipping sauces and make dessert more delicious. With so many possibilities, anything you make can become a gourmet work of art. What You Ge Spicy Thanksgiving Turkey & Dressing Sandwich. Imagine this; it's the day after Thanksgiving. You inhale deeply, strike a yoga pose. Exhale. You have obtained inner-peace because you pulled off one of the most anxiety-laden dinner occasions of the year Sweet & Spicy Walnuts $9.50. Blonde caramel with Maine Sea Salt $6.50. Bourbon Blonde caramel $6.50 Wild Woman Jam $9.00. Organic chocolate caramel $6.50.